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Case Study :: Frozen Section Stainer

Frozen Section Stainer

Ground-up design and prototyping of an economical (yet feature-rich) semi-automatic frozen section stainer for use in histological laboratories

Descher worked with the customer to indentify existing products in the marketplace and develop a feature-focused competitor matrix. From there, Descher worked with the customer's engineering staff to champion the FSS' mechanical design and collaborate on its controls development, from board-level electronics to the custom user interface. After the project design, Descher launched the FSS prototyping phase, augmenting in-house capabilities with laser-cutting, rapid prototyping, and thermoforming shops to build out a five-unit pilot program.


  • Semi & full automatic operation with continuous and timed dip modes
  • Stepper-driven gear & cam walking-beam assembly
  • Servo-driven unload stager
  • H2O trough & controls for sample irrigation & drainage
  • Integral fume capture & exhaust system
  • Injected molded slide carriers and irrigation wells
  • Thermoformed housing with ingrained mold texture
  • Acetate control pad overlays with embossed buttons and LED windows
Frozen Section Stainer Front Frozen Section Stainer Lid Open Frozen Section Stainer Lifted Frozen Section Stainer Trough Frozen Section Stainer Plumbing Frozen Section Stainer Panel