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Case Study :: Seat Gluing Line

Seat Gluing Station

Turnkey design and build of a robotic workcell to queue work-product, dispense adhesive, and UV cure the mesh seams for a manufacturer's line of high-end office seating solutions

Descher designed and integrated its solution around a modular palletized conveyor system and a 6-axis robot with custom EOAT plumbed to a precision dispensing nozzle. The conveyor is arranged in a multiple-loop format to allow for several load-and-unload configurations, and coupled with modular fixturing the system is capable of nearly instantaneous change-over. Further, through RF tagging of the pallets, the robot can ID seat types and modify gluing paths on-the-fly, yielding a highly flexible system tolerant of timing variations in the upstream sub-assembly queues. To satisfy the adhesive curing requirements, Descher integrated an on-demand timed LED system which potentiated significant power savings over traditional curing lamps.


  • Robust, modular, and highly configurable palletized conveyor system
  • Multiple load/unload positions in four manufacturing loops
  • Flexible and economical modular fixturing solution
  • 6-Axis robot with integrated dispensing EOAT intuitive setup
  • User-friendly custom HMI interface
  • Power-saving automated LED-powered UV cure system
  • Adhesive weight/flow monitoring and corresponding operator messaging
  • Radio frequency tagged pallets for 'on-the-fly' robot program changes
Front Shot Seat Gluing Line Light Tower Seat Gluing Line Back Shot Seat Gluing Line